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Chef Ryan is co-founder of Centered Chef Food Studios. With his fun-loving attitude, Chef Ryan finds inspiration for many of his innovative dishes by blending his knowledge of food with his hobbies. With a passion for travel and a love for endurance sports, his expertise is in creating meals that harmonize flavor, texture, convenience and nutrition. His vision captures the flavors of “Clean Cuisine”. Though Chef Ryan realized his passion for food while cooking at a restaurant during his undergraduate studies, it wasn’t until three years into an uninspiring career sales management that Chef Ryan sought to re-invent his career as well as his lifestyle. As he puts it: “I was at my physical and mental worst. At age 24, I was 5’7” and weighed 230 pounds. I was over 40% body fat! My doctor wanted to prescribe anti-depressants, blood pressure & cholesterol medications. This compounded with the fact I was deemed a pre-Type 2 Diabetic, had asthma and smoked cigarettes…something had to change!”

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