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AnylinQ stands for quality products and reliable service. We deliver a total package. To that end, we have built up strong partnerships with premium players in the field of Data Management Software, Servers and Storage.

Passionate about being the best
AnylinQ was founded in 2006 with a clear strategy and focus on the niche of data management for medium and large enterprises. We are passionate about being the best data management company, and commit to the highest standards in every aspect of our business. AnylinQ is build on long-term goals while consistently delivering the best possible products and services on an ongoing basis.

Knowledge management
Being a highly specialized nicheplayer, we rely on highly specific knowledge to operate our business. Therefore, we run a professional knowledge management program within our company. Knowledge Management is of tremendous value as it ensures business continuity, flexible deployment of resources, and fulfillment of the professional ambitions of our people.

Financial health
AnylinQ is a private company, fully owned by its management. Our consistent business success allows us to build up strong financials. This stable financial position enables us to pursue our ambition without the need of external funding. Since AnylinQ was founded in 2006, we have shown double digit revenue growth each year as well as a solid profitability trend.

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