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Yaounde, Cameroon

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Penjo Entertainments is a media house looking for more partnership with other productions houses, producers and industries around the world to be able to work together with.

Our goal is to bring smiles on everyone's face through humanitarian work with our NGO Life and Water Development Group - Cameroon and other partners like Thirst Relief International, Engineers Without Borders USA etc.., films and documentaries, musical clips, tv commercials including professional photography all with high quality equipment and producing all in High Definition (HD). We're anxiously waiting to partner with any interested persons, company, film makers from around the world who's ready to work with us as we've got so many great locations in Cameroon for all kinds of films, documentaries etc...

You can contact us at:

Peter Njodzeka
Tel.: +237-7771-6288
Penjo Entertainments


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