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'JOURNEY RESURRECTION' takes flight in 2014 with a stellar lineup of accomplished Nashville musicians and an enhanced live production designed to re-create the look and feel of those magical Journey tours from the 1980's featuring Steve Perry.

That being said, 'JOURNEY RESURRECTION' is proud to feature the jaw-dropping vocal talents of Ryan Christopher as 'The Voice'. If you have ever heard Ryan sing, then you know how convincingly he creates the illusion of listening to an actual Journey concert from the glory days of arena rock. To complete the illusion, Ryan is surrounded by an amazing band to reproduce the passion, power, and precision of a live Journey show in great detail. The current lineup of players in 'JOURNEY RESURRECTION' has performed, written, or recorded with artists ranging from Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, John Fogerty, Toby Keith, Shania Twain, John Berry and Deana Carter, to even Steve Perry and Journey, itself!

Whether you're a hard-core Journey fan, a newly converted one, or just want to relive a special part of your life through a shared musical adventure, you will be captured by the moment listening to JOURNEY RESURRECTION and soaring from the experience long after the party's over!

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