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  1. Milan Andric commented on JSConf 2011
    That was awesome Alex. Unfortunately I could not attend. I was imagining a technical roundup when I saw the tweet link. I was captivated by a very entertaining experience instead. Thanks for putting a human touch on it.
  2. Yep that does the trick, should have thought of that I guess.
  3. Hey Milan, Depending on how you setup your object, you don't need to include the embed. If you want to keep it the way you have it, then you'll need to call the api_play method on the embed object, opposed to the "object" object. That's why the…
  4. Thanks Brad, btw I'm playing with this here.
  5. Hi Milan, I think the issues is that Firefox uses the embed tag instead of the object tag when embedding Flash. I think the easiest way to solve the issue is to remove the embed tag and just have object. Let us know how it works out.