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Kirkland, Washington

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Hi! I'm a multiple award winning film, media and game composer. Each film award was for a different genre / style of music. I think this may be because I have studied and performed various styles for a lot of years. Another thing the award winning film s have in common - is that in each case the director asked me what I recommended for their film. I have experience with recording live as big as a full orchestra with big band at a large studio for hire down to a beautiful soloist in my smaller professionally designed sound studio. I have amazing sound libraries for every instrument and awesome tools for creating ambiance and Sound Design. I also play 13 instruments and sing - which I often add live to digitally sampled to create a hybrid recording. The result is pretty cool sounding. One of my "secret weapons" is the fact that I am able to generate the same numbers as the auricle time processor. When I'm not scoring or creating music I'm performing. I'm the lead tenor of the North Sound Jazz Band. The group is a lot of fun, and we manage to create good music while teasing each other ; ). I'm available for consultation upon request.

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