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Devon based Film Maker Brent Zillwood born in 1991. Has been active in film and video since age 13 working
with BBC producer of "Animal Park" Barbra Evans and Assisting Film making training courses.

Whilst studying a BA Hons in Film Arts at Plymouth College Of Art Brent Received awards for His documentary "Brent Vs Tourettes"
Higher Education Student of the Year 2011
1st Prize Corporations of Plymouth College of Art Award 2011
Youths Pride Of Somerset 2011

After Graduating in 2012 Brent Continued
Previous work with ITV fixers, Two Four Television Production, Collective Films Ltd, by the numb3rs productions.

whilst winning awards such as
"ITV's strongest film in the South West 2011"
"Best Production Design: Prime Cuts Film festival 2012" for Cross My Heart 2013.
Brent has also starred and contributed towards channel 4's "Undateables" series 1 and 2, by raising the
awareness of Tourettes Syndrome Internationally.

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