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I am a performance artist and theatre maker.

I am fascinated by issues related to the sense of self, the significance of social stereotypes, made-up theories and rituals.

Known for my distinctive use of vibrant characters as symbols and as vehicles to communicate an idea, I draw inspiration from diverse sources ranging from media personae and newspaper articles to ancient philosophy, science and magic.

Besides my personal artwork, I have been also collaborating with film, television and theatre companies as an actress and with musicians as a vocalist and percussionist.

Personal works include:
"Dr.Misha Maglev: How to Be a Love Magnet" South Hill Park, Bracknell;
"Effable: 3 Acts of Love" Gallery 10, Reading;
"Cow" Modern Art Oxford, Contact Theatre, Manchester and The Jam Factory, Oxford;
"Fresh Minds", Bios, Athens, Greece.

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