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Multi-talented and multi-skilled and working from Bradenton, FL, I am a Film Producer, Director, Cinematographer and Writer with excellent abilities in planning, research, team leadership, and project management. I have the people skills required to create, sell and execute great ideas, on time. A seasoned marketer and strategist, I have acquired award-winning recognition in advertising, marketing, print publishing, interactive, video/television and film production industries. My in-depth knowledge of print, broadcast, interactive, and cutting-edge social media supplement a savvy sense of how each media genre works together in a modern multimedia driven branding, promotional and global imaging environment. Having coordinated projects with a wide range of nationalities and cultures, I can deftly move across cultures in the contemporary social net. My projects show continuous professional development and the execution of marketing and advertising programs that fuse the power of technology, media and the communicator's art to make films that deliver.


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