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  1. Ram commented on nepal trailer
    Great Work, Thanks Shisang so this is the one you were talking about. I nearly lost my gmail and now got this. Thanks Sam for such a video, hope it will be more awesome when the full length comes. C Cheeers
  2. Sam Dowley commented on nepal trailer
    Shisang,some of us are heading back in November, we would be really happy to catch up and go for a ride. We've met Ram a couple of times but I do not have his email, would you be able to send me your email and Ram's to I'll give…
  3. Hi, I ride BMX bike and I'm from Nepal. If you guys happen to come again in Nepal do let us know. BMX scene is slowly rising in Kathmandu (capital city of Nepal). We would be more than happy to ride with you guys. Looking at the trailer it seems…