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I am Sebastian Schigt,

21 Years of age and living in a small country called "Zuid-Scharwoude".
My Job: IT Network specialist,
My hobby's are filming and Drifting.
I am really interested in nature and fast cars and i hope whit my new Canon HF200 to shoot some good image's.

I edit my video's whit Sony Vegas Pro for know but maybe in the future this will change.

Are you interested ore do you want my help, ore do you want to help me, you can always add me as a friend on Vimeo.


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  1. SuperS commented on Autumn
    i lke :) But the focus is this done on the camera ore did you do this with the editor software ?
  2. awesome x2
  3. SuperS commented on Swagger Wagon
    F*ck yeahhhh :D more more :D