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I grew up in Indiana (the one that looks like a boot) where I did Indiana things with my Indiana family. I fell in love with movies as most kids do; but, I decided to make a career out of it when I realized my first true love - lumberjacking - was on the precipice of an economic downturn.

I studied briefly at The University of Notre Dame and the Illinois Institute of Art before completing my BFA in film and television production at The University of Southern California. My short films have screened at many US film festivals before going on to find distribution. Aside from completing work on my first feature film, I have been working in the world of advertising as an editor on a number of commercials, most recently for EA Games, Activision and Rolling Stone. I just formed a new post-production company - "THE SWEATSHOP" - offering editorial services and rental equipment for productions large and small.

I currently live and work in Los Angeles and in my spare time - which isn't often - I hang with my friends and watch Kurt Russell movies.

Likes: Horror Movies, Lumberjacking.
Dislikes: James McAvoy

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