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I recently graduated from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art with a concentration in video and photography and I currently work as a freelance Assistant Editor/Video Technician at JWT, a world-wide marketing communications brand

While attending The Cooper Union I worked on documentaries and abstract video involving animation and green screen after effects. One of my most recent projects was a personal documentary about me asking three generations of women in my family why we decided to identify ourselves as Black when we are of mixed heritage. Before that I developed an abstract webisode called "Sunny and Friends" which showcases my green screen and after effects abilities. In the past I've worked as Assistant Editor on these two award winning feature length documentaries:

"Town Hall"
An inside look into two years in the lives of Katy and John, Tea Party activists from Central Pennsylvania, as they fight to preserve the America they fear is slipping away.

"Northern Light"
Set against the backdrop of a town's snowmobile race, Northern Light interweaves captivating stories of recession-era America. The lives of three families change profoundly in the north woods of Michigan, where winters are unforgiving, jobs are hard to come by, and the line between living life and merely surviving is razor-thin.

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