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  1. 911 Media Arts Center

    911 Media Arts Center Seattle, WA


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    Since August 14th, 1984, 911 Media Arts Center has been a grassroots Seattle resource for digital media exploration. In a time of major advances in digital media 911 Seattle Media Arts Center envisions a future where independent voices thrive in a society that fosters diversity, innovation and artistic…

  2. Joseph Gray

    Joseph Gray Plus Seattle


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    I sometimes makes stuff involving digital electronics and/or sculptural forms. I went to Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle and studied video and sculpture receiving a BFA in 1999. I also do interactive design and production as a freelancer at grauwald.com

  3. Julien T

    Julien T Paris, France


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    Learning cinematographers. Julien Thiry Julien Jacques Dara

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