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Johannesburg, South Africa

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Urucu Media has partnered with the new generation of South African filmmakers who strive to tell original, authentic and entertaining local stories that will resonate with both domestic audiences as well as international viewers. In 2011 Urucu Media produced: “Victor Orange”, a South African fantasy thriller with Denise Newman, Antony Coleman, Arthur Molepo, Tessa Jubber and Anthony Fridhjon; A feature documentary, "Jeppe on a Friday" - currently in post production in which a Johannesburg neighourhood unites eight people’s ambitions, desires, and struggles to survive over the course of a Friday; "Fatherhood" a comedy series about a gay man who decides to become a dad; and "Pink and Green", a love story which takes place in Los Angeles with, as its backdrop, the political agenda of equality. We continue to grow the company by forging alliances
with individuals and companies around the world that share similar goals and visions.

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