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Trevor shows strong interest in people and stories. His artwork shows a grasp of both idea formation and abstract thought. He has a strong self concept and enjoys being the leader of various outdoor activities. And his rope-jumping skills are really coming along. While Trevor recognizes all upper-case letters, and is quickly learning the consonant sounds, he still has some trouble with the letter G.
- Trevor’s kindergarten report card

Soon thereafter… Trevor was recruited to be HAPPY’s “third arm” at Smuggler, where he collaborated with Guy Shelmerdine and Richard Farmer in the creation of their commercial, music video, and narrative works. Trevor has gone on to collaborate creatively with a handful of other acclaimed directors including Smuggler’s Randy Krallman and Stylewar, Biscuit’s Noam Murro, Rattling Stick’s Ringan Ledwidge, and Stink’s Ivan Zacharias.

Trevor’s own reel has grown into fulfilling his early childhood potential. With a passionately youthful and conceptual voice, his work captures the feeling that anything is possible – a perspective he also passionately applies to the process itself. Trevor’s work for Coke (through Wieden+Kennedy), Google (Johannes Leonardo), McDonald’s (DDB) and Cadbury (Fallon, London), among others, has garnered SHOTS and AICP honors, the cfp-e Young Director’s Award, and most recently, two very shiny Gold Lions at Cannes.

Trevor has also gone on to master the letter G, which goes to show that, indeed, anything is possible.


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