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Hi, my name is Brandy, and I'm dedicating my efforts towards a Resource Based Economy. I'm not considered an expert in the fields of science, economics, or politics, but like everyone else, I do have eyes, ears, and a mind of my own to assess my own experiences, as well as process any information that I might be fortunate enough to obtain from experts. While I do essentially live my day-to-day life within the limits of our current system(s), as does everyone, I fully support the directions of The Venus Project, and frankly can't understand why any sane, and well informed person wouldn't. I've done my research on the issues presented in Zeitgeist, and Zeitgeist Addendum (directed by Peter Joseph), as well as further research on The Venus Project (under the direction of Jacque Fresco). I've also studied other economic theories, philosophies, and related subjects such as human "nature" or human behavior, and despite any matters that may still be subject to interpretation, a Resource Based Economy is still our best option, and is increasingly becoming our only option.

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