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Chico, California

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I am an artist and filmmaker from Chico, CA specializing in dark and quirky creations that emphasize fantasy and imagination. Using practical methods such as stop-motion animation, illustration, props and elaborate sets, I strive for stunning and memorable images in all of my work. I began my career drawing and designing concert posters for bands, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from California State University, Chico in 2007, founded the Design firm, Code Nine Design in 2008 and created an instructional Magic Graphic Novel (Sinful) in 2009 for Wayne Houchin (Discovery Channel Host of "Breaking Magic"). In 2013 I released my first stop-motion animated short film Wormholes and am currently developing a live action/stop-motion film titled The Spaceman. I am very passionate about creating and collaborating and look forward to the coming years and what challenges and opportunities they may bring.

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