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AVFX has a strong background in the UK Motion Picture SFX industry with over 25 years experience of computer animation and studio FX to his credit. He acted as a beta tester for NewTek’s ‘Lightwave 3-D’ and helped to set up the Amiga Centres of Excellence “ACE” working for sometime as tech support in the UK for software program Lightwave - on which, some argue, he is a genius. During his time in the corporate sector he worked with AMGFX and VTR who credits include such movies as ‘Lost In Space’ and ‘James Bond - Golden Eye’. 7 years ago he moved out of film into music video’s and had his first No.1 with ‘Billie Piper’ - a release on Virgin Records. Many of his other music videos have charted in the top 10 with labels such as ZTT & RCA. He has also worked as one of Europe’s most successful and high profiled VJ’s for over 20 years for many of the cream of European Dance music promoters at their most high profiled events. Brands include Ministry Of Sound at the Millennium Dome event, several years with Dance Valley (Europe’s largest dance festival), NL, Frantic, Nucleuz, and numerous Ibizian superclubs such Es Paradis and Eden. In 1 year alone his work was witnessed by over a million people. He is renowned in the industry as a maverick in the sense that he shakes things up; he is always at the cutting edge when it comes to new techniques. Continually edging forward, his techniques are often emulated by animators working in mainstream corporate 3-d houses. His corporate work extends throughout Europe with corporate clients such as Philip Morris, Coca Cola, Anheuser Busch and other well known drinks brands.

AV naturally comes with his own 25 year library of models which he created himself during both his commissions and his own artistic endeavours; these self copyright owned models and techniques frequently precede much of the content seen in television music videos. His ability to switch between ‘real life’ looking movie animation using programs such as ‘Vue’ through to corporate and artist idents, through to the most unique abstract is somewhat remarkable. An all rounder who is not just proficient in every aspect of 3-d animation, he excels at every aspect. His greatest limitation is his weekly worktime, {there are only so many hours a man can work without goggle eyes); so if you catch him for a commission his output level will match that of a team of programmers; great for the client not so good for AV’s eyes. Mindful of his own time limitations he has developed a skilled team of other equally filtered peers who can carry out specialist video tasks to a reasonable level close to that of AV.
There is no greater video all rounder - an ‘Ian Botham’ of the video world.
If you are not English, think of the greatest sports all rounder in your country ? In the world of video that is AVFX
He is also a DJ that has played for ministry of sound among many others all over the world..

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