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Sri Lanka

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I’m Ravihara Weerathunge,a freelance CGI generalist, who is 23 years old. Most of my knowledge is self-taught and I have over 6 years of experience in Visual Effects industry as a generalist, working in all three areas; in Movies, commercials and Television. And I was awarded with some exceptional international and local awards.

I worked as a freelance 3D artist for 2 years and where I was offered with a job as a lecturer in advanced 3D animation courses and HND in Multimedia, by IDM computer studies (pvt ltd.)Then I was shortly offered a Job as a visual effects generalist in a local production house (Elephant and the Mouse VFX) where I worked as a visual effects generalist for 1 local big budget movie title and as a senior visual effects generalist for 2 local big budget movie titles and for some commercials. Then I moved to Television motion graphics for few months where I worked as the Senior Motion Graphics artist for MAXX RTV television network. Meanwhile, I was working as a 3D Tools Product designer for Quadernii and also as a freelance VFX generalist for Los Angeles based REP Interactive.

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  • Portfolio - Portfolio website with my most recent work.


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