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Jaco Laubscher launched his Editing career at Homebrew Films in 2003, shortly after graduating, with a Flame Award, from City Varsity Media School in Cape Town.
Within 3 years at Homebrew, Jaco’s passion, professionalism and consistent attention to detail earned him the role of Principal Editor, and the opportunity to manage a large variety of projects including music videos, commercials, documentaries and TV shows.
Jaco’s client base swiftly expanded to include the likes of RedBull International, Vodacom, Mens Health, BMW and Sports Illustrated. The growing demand for Jaco’s services necessitated a split between Homebrew and freelancing, exposing him to direct client management, as well as ad agencies like Ogilvy, FoxP2 & TBWA/ Hunt/ Lascaris. A notable highlight for Jaco was editing the critically acclaimed Shoreline that aired on South African screens at the end of 2009.
Jaco continues to evolve as an artist and professional, having expanded his skill-set to include sound design, motion graphics and colour grading. His working relationships with award-winning directors such as Robin Goode, Adrian De Sa Garces, and filmmakers Jason Hearn and Joanna Higgs, continue to inspire his innovative and creative approach.
Jaco Laubscher works from his editing studios in Woodstock, Cape Town.


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