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  1. Dustin Farrell

    Dustin Farrell Plus Phoenix


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    Freelance Director of Photography - Time Lapse, Feature Films, Broadcast Media Television, Commercials, Corporate, Documentaries, Promo's, etc. Specialties: Time Lapse, Film and Video Production, Editing, Motion Control and Glidecam Dustin Farrell Visual Concepts, LLC email: dustin@dfvc.com 602-722-9288

  2. Paul Hamilton

    Paul Hamilton Plus Chicago, Illinois


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    Pianist, composer, film & edit My professional portfolio with Caleb Vinson: http://vimeopro.com/hamiltonvinson/home The wealth of talent on Vimeo is inspiring.

  3. Felipe Rojas

    Felipe Rojas Plus San Francisco, CA


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    Contact Information: ab4qc@yahoo.com

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