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Oi, Intaieshion Here
I'm an Artist who loves to draw, utilize graphic design, and pretty much any other medium. Though I can do art the "politically correct way" like when I design ad's or Fliers for people. Truly I am an abstract artist, I love my work to be ambiguous and even to a degree misunderstood by certain majorities, I like to leave it open to interpretation and generally be mysterious, tis it's nature. I'm a Musician/Singer who loves all kinds of music but I would say that my particular pieces are abstract, classical and jazz infused. I feel much the same about it as I feel about my art. My goal with it is to engulf people into a state of ecstasy with it that they can't exactly put their finger on but can be felt at a deep core level with passion. Theres Much more, but I'll leave that to be Expressed.. by my works on here.