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Professionally guided fly fishing Safaris to Africa's most productive, exclusive, and wild destinations

If you take any activity and push it to the wildest edge, you create magic. Sport fishing in Africa is definitely one such activity. Your need to fish wild and remote waters, to create your own magic, may well be what drives you.

At Tourette Fishing we understand this urge is far more than fleeting. It is an intrinsic need that motivates all you do. You don’t just want to fish, you NEED to fish.

With your limited time, we understand you want to fish the best waters at the optimum time of year with the best guides in the industry. Rest assured we have scouted the finest, wildest and most productive African fisheries for your enjoyment.

So, when next you get the urge to get out and go tight, let us assist in pushing you to the wildest edge of African sport fishing. It is on this edge that you can create your own magic. Come on, try fight it in Africa!

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