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Brooklyn, NY

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Rachel McKay Steele is a writer, filmmaker, and all around human living in her mother’s ancestral home of Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Human Geography. Most people do not know what that means. She often misses the mountains.

Rachel began working in independent film in 2008, starting in production. She made her first short film "The Intern and The Dumpster," a highly stylized silent film with original piano score shot on Super 8mm, in the Fall of 2009, and has worked on music videos, commercials, and numerous films, from pre to post production, including Monogamy, Fairhaven, and Gayby. She has worked as a research assistant for award winning directors and studied film editing at The Edit Center and The Manhattan Edit Workshop. She worked in the programming department for 2012 Hamptons International Film Festival and currently works as a writer for @radical media, working on numerous projects from Chanel and Mount Gay Rum, as well as for the Nina Simone estate and Award Winning director Joe Berlinger.

She has always been guided by her love of storytelling. And sandwiches.

You can also catch her @rachelmsteele on twitter.


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