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Off the Queue started in 2010 when a young Graphic
Designer wanted to change her medium to more than just
paper. It occurred to her that the web is more economical,
more green and will soon be the only way to market one's self.
Laura Hedrick decided to try her chances at another degree.
While working for high merited companies she sets out for
more and decided to interview for highly accredited institutions.
She was then excepted to the highest accredited art school
in the Midwest, MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design).
With a Presidential Scholarship, she was finding her entrance to
her new chosen path to be the right one with little difficult terrain
along the way. To her this is what was meant to be. Excited to
see what is ahead of her in the world of multimedia she is
currently living and working in Berlin, Germany, during her
last year at MCAD. As of now, she is to grounding herself in
what she calls "the city of dreams", Berlin.

"I know that I am one of the few to say I really enjoy what I do
and love and live life to the fullest, always achieving the goals
I set out for. If you look closely I hope you will see this in my
works and my interests."

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