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Back 2 Front Animation Ltd has now gone freelance catch us @digipencils

We make your business stand out from the crowd by breathing life into products, services and concepts and we help you get your message across to your customers.

We do this by taking pride in creating our own quality original animated content as well as producing high end animation for broadcast and advertising purposes. We combine the traditional skills of hand drawn 2d animation along with illustration, sculpture and design along with new computer generated imagery (CGI) technology.

Back 2 Front’s core expertise lies in character design and animation, animated TV commercials and TV series along with content for DVD, business and educational presentations, along with animation for online marketing and games. We are keen to work with anyone who wants to bring ides to life may they be production companies, AD, marketing and PR agencies, charities, organisations and councils.

Established in 2006 the Creative director, Talib Kadhim and Managing Director, Sarah Kadhim have 10 years combined experience in the Motion Graphics and Animation sector.

Back 2 Front offers a professional and friendly service to businesses. The service is of the highest quality while keeping to the strictest of dead lines, allowing clients to promote themselves and their companies in a professional and stylish manner.

To date we have produced shorts for Nickelodeon UK, who loved our unique style and sense of humour. We’ve worked with award winning production companies and digital agencies on a vast array of regional and national advertisement campaigns including TV commercials for college’s & respected solicitors as well as content for government programmes all with emphasis on character animation.


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