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CEO Ephraim Luke McCormick started Elmwood Forest Productions Inc. when he was 12 years old, though the "Inc" didnt come until January of 2010. He graduated the University of Central Florida at the age of 20 with two Bachelors of Arts degrees; one in History with a focus on the Middle East, and one Radio/T.V. Production. Elmwood Forest Productions' main focus is the art of telling a story, be it through Documentary, Videography, Photography, Performance, or Writing. His company has mainly collaborated with non-profits when creating documentaries, though it has also created corporate documentaries and videos for for-profit entities and developed a photography portfolio with players from the "Miami Caliente" LFL team.

For more information with a hand-typed touch, feel free to e-mail him at ElmwoodForest@yahoo.com. His e-mail door is always open.

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