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In this world of multi-tasking, he is both a serious and committed freelance photographer and a cinematographer/director based in Manila.

Pipo, as he is fondly called, was born and raised in Pangasinan. He was a successful entrepreneur in the food industry until his passion for photography was ignited in 2008. The works of Andrea Gursky, Rasmus Krath, Helmut Newton, enthralled him and inspired him to bravely pick up a camera and shoot away! He has attended several photography workshops to hone and sharpen his skills. Lighting has become his strongest suit. From glamour to fashion photography, his expertise is evident in capturing beautifully lit faces in various poses subjected to a wide range of situations. He is currently a member of the prestigious Alpha Camera Club of the Philippines and his work has gained some recognition among his peers.

His photography style is to capture deep human emotions in a photo. His works immediately draw you in with the superb lighting. The absolute sincerity and intense soul lifting quality of his photographs come naturally to him and can, undoubtedly, be quite touching and terribly moving for the viewer.

The progression to making films was instigated by his interest in movies at a young age. He joined film workshops at Mowelfund. He has done films and is presently embroiled in making documentaries and visual presentations. He has always been ambitious in his art and dreams of making a full length film someday.

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