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Known for high theatricality, gutsy moves and virtuosic musicality, Camille A. Brown & Dancers soar through history like a whirlwind. The company’s work explores typical, real life situations ranging from literal relationships to more complex themes with an eye on the past and present. Making a personal claim on history, through the lens of a modern female perspective, Camille A. Brown leads her dancers through dazzling excavations of ancestral stories, both timeless and traditional, as well as immediate contemporary issues. The work is strongly character based, expressing whatever the topic is by building from little moments, modeling a filmic sensibility. Theater, poetry, visual art and music of all genres merge to inject each performance with energy and urgency.

These opportunities are possible because of the serious movers and incredible performers in the company who are able to act and dance, step into the world of history, and come soaring into the present. Camille A. Brown & Dancers seek to connect with people, make them feel good, provoke, engage, and inspire. Let’s begin.

“Every aspect of the dance-making here is thoroughly accomplished”
-The New York Times

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