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Keda Breeze is a Bristol based art director and creative producer. She specializes drawing on her highly vivid imagination to create themes and concepts for experiences and events.

Keda produces and curates an event called Hoochie Coochie under her brand Show Pony. Hoochie Coochie is a spectacular event which is somewhere between going to the circus, the theatre and the most fun, weird and wonderful party you have ever been to.

Lumiere Digitale createe multimedia high art for the digital age, in the form for physical theatre, dance, and large scale circus combined with projection mapping and tracking.

As art director of Lumiere Digitale Keda is responsible for the concepts, styling and visuals the company makes creates. This ranges from research to generate ideas for what they make work around, creating poetic visual concepts for animation and acting as a linch pin between the performance team and technical and animation team.

Before dedicating herself to full time to arts production Keda worked as an internationally renowned circus variety artist.

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