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There is no emotion without Art, No Art without emotion !

- Cross experience (Video game, and science Ph.D on emotion in 3D)
- Strong leadership skills with management through influence and collaboration
- Able to extract a long term vision and roadmaps from a set of gameplay and innovations
- Strong architecture skills and out of the box thinking, give concrete solutions from high-level concepts
- Recognized as a strong individual performer, as well as a focused creative director (Strong skill, Art, modeling, texturing)
- Developing, using and teaching deep game design methodology that are able to guaranty gameplay quality in any kind of projects
Actualy Ph D candidate In ParisTech ENSAM University. Thema : Process of Induction of emotions in virtual environment and video game.
Director of studies in ESCIN University
International lecturer on emotion in video game design ENSAM University Paris, Ritsumeïkan University Kyoto.

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