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Somerset, England

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I created Kailash Multimedia to tell stories in pictures, sound and words ... from a single image to a 90-minute video, a podcast to an immersive installation.

Kailash is founded on experience I have developed working in more than 60 countries - on creative projects for international broadcast, publication and exhibition.

My clients include Aljazeera; Arts Council of England; Bristol Old Vic Theatre; BBC Television; BBC World News; BBC Radio; Circus Gerbola; Channel 4; Christina Fallah Design; Counterwind; Discovery Channel; Earthfare; Etran Finatawa; Farrows Creative; Ginkgo Projects; The Grateful Society; Hampson, Williams and Kimble architects; ITV Network; M-Shed Museum; Motivation disability and development; Music for Health; Original Spinners; Sallyport; Sky Television; Stretch Mark Theatre; Twisted Theatre; Wells & Mendip Museum; WNET New York.

I also work collaboratively with individual artists and on my own projects.

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