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Opsview is a global software company with a user base of over 20,000 organizations spread across 130 countries worldwide. We are headquartered in the United Kingdom, with offices in the USA and India. Our flagship product has a long and rich heritage in the Enterprise Systems Management market, having been conceived more than eight years ago and continuously developed since.

Opsview was founded in 2005 by Michael Walton, our C.E.O., with the aim of building a world-class open source product and services business. As part of that vision, Opsera acquired the Opsview product in 2008 from Altinity Limited, and set about developing the Opsview product into a market leading enterprise monitoring product.

Today, Opsview is used globally by our enterprise customers including blue chip organizations such as Electronic Arts, British Telecom, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Siemens, Allianz, US Army, Irish Revenue and Yale University to name just a few. Wherever mission critical, very large, trading, ecommerce or regulatory systems are found, Opsview sits at the heart of these environments, ensuring continuous 24/7 operations.

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