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While studying Business Studies at the University of Madrid, and thanks to a number of Film and Video courses, Lino discovered his new career path . On completing his economic studies, he left Madrid for New York, where he took Film studies at NYU, followed by Directing and Screenwriting courses at the School of Film and Television at San Antonio de los Baños. After three years living in New York, Lino returned to Madrid to direct his first short film Space 2. He also started to work as Assistant Director on commercials and to study Acting and Directing Actors with Argentinean teacher Fernando Piernas. During this time, Lino directed two other short films; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bed, which was received in several international festivals including Uppsala, Alcalá de Henares and Gijón, and then later Elena Quiere, which was also shown in more than seventy festivals and receiving over twenty awards, including Best Direction award at Cinemajove International Film Festival (Spain). As a commercials director, Lino specializes in acting and storytelling, but he also shoots commercials involving motion graphics and post-production. Currently Lino continues to make commercials for production companies in Spain, Mexico and Peru. He is also preparing his first feature film, No Sé Decir Adiós.

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