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RUBEN RODAS is an independent filmmaker. His professional background includes extended experience in the fields of Film, television shows, commercials, music videos, and media marketing. In the year 2001 he was recognized for his award winning short film "Paper Airplanes." Consequently, he was hired to be a director and producer for TV shows at the Telefuturo network. There he worked very closely with the marketing department to develop new television shows, and commercials for some of channel’s biggest sponsors, such Coca-Cola, Unilever and Pilsen. During his three years at the network he obtained various awards, including Best TV show of the Year for "Menchi" in 2001, and several institutional promos.

In 2003 he joined producer Joel Cabrera and created a TV production company called Foqus Digital where he directed several TV spots and documentaries for some of the leading national networks. Then In 2004 he came on board as one of the producers for two nationally televised sitcom series developed for the Telefuturo network: "GvsB" and "Animo Juan."

In 2005 he joined the crew of the feature film "Miami Vice," as a Location Manager for the South American team division. There he worked closely in location scouting with director Michael Mann, and DP Dion Bebe. A few months later he traveled to New York where he attended the New York Film Academy.

Ruben is presently living in New York City where he has created Skyframe pictures to continue developing his craft working as a Director, Cinematographer and Producer.

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