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Dan Dowling, Jr. and Rob Sherman are collaborators in both life and art. They met in 1990 when Rob was finishing his Ph.D. in Drama at Tufts University and Dan was in the middle of the 15-month run of Murdering the Mob, an interactive murder mystery which he directed and co-wrote at Nick's Comedy Stop in Boston. In 2004, they became one of the first same-sex couples to be legally married in the United States.
Although they have pursued independent projects in the last twenty years --Dan is an Equity Actor and has performed in New England and the Midwest, and Rob has been an adjunct professor teaching acting in the Boston area--five years ago they became associated with the Vermont Bear Film Festival (VTBFF) in Guilford, Vermont. Started by documentary filmmaker John Scagliotti and his partner Dave Hall, the Festival has sought to bring gay film culture with a specific focus on the Bear community to New England. Every year several features and amateur shorts are shown at the Festival.
In 2006, Dan and Rob submitted their first short film, avec des excuses à Alfred (with apologies to Alfred), a bear-themed parody of the famous Hitchcock Psycho shower scene. It won the first annual VTBFF P.A.W. award for Best Amateur Film.
In 2007 they created Sexy Beasts, an homage to 70s porno done with teddy bears.
In 2009 they debuted their first music video Wide'N'Furry, a bear-centric look at the classic struggle between Bears and "Twinks" seen through the lens of Weird Al Yankovic's parody White and Nerdy, which is itself a take off of Chamillionaire's Ridin'. Wide'N'Furry won the 2009 P.A.W. Award at VTBFF.
All three of these films recently qualified for the Golden Woofs, Australia’s first Bear Film Festival, hosted in the fall of 2009 by the Bear Men of Adelaide. Wide'N'Furry ultimately won First Prize.
They often collaborate with their friend Paul Champagne, who plays Marian in the alfred film, is the voice of "Mann Handy" in Sexy Beasts, and "Donny" in Wide'N'Furry.
Dan and Rob may not always be in front of the camera but in all their films they write, direct, create the music, and edit the final product, all on Macintosh computers.
They are currently developing two feature film scripts as well as continuing to create short films for the Bear community.
In the daytime Dan works at Boston's Museum of Science and Rob works as a software development team coach.

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