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New to video, been shooting photography as a hobby since '86.

I use a Canon HV20 that I bough in January.
iMovie and Final Cut Express to edit.


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  4. Lucasberg (Joey)
  5. The Perennial Plate
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  1. Scottinva commented on Claremont
    Did you guys add that long ass header to the video? It blows - I used to LOVE this video, but now I am forced to watch that and I also can't skip to the action. THUMBS DOWN. I wont be removing it from my likes though.
  2. Scottinva commented on Yosemite HD II
    Thanks for the response - I have family in Sac. Ca and always wanted to move out there anyway, to CA that is. Maybe I should do both, CA and the park :) Thanks for the offer! Scott - Wash DC