Grzegorz Cisiecki

Minsk, Belarus

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Film director, writer.


  1. No name
  2. Stéphane Delorme
  3. Alonso Duralde
  4. Alex Popov
  5. Eugenio Recuenco
  6. scott w. gray
  7. Camille Gévaudan
  8. Mathieu Carratier
  9. Caryn James
  10. Michael Dougherty
  11. Fernando Gayesky
  12. Emmanuel Lubezki
  13. Olivia Obin
  14. Land Elsewhere
  15. Katie Uhlmann
  16. Andrea Vecchiato
  17. Jacob Mendel Reel13 Submission
  18. Reel13

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    I was intrigued at first but the second half lost me with too many new "characters" introduced, too many seemingly unrelated images and symbols. I gave up any hope of understanding what the relationships between people were (other than the protagonist…