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  1. Adult Ballet

    by Kauai Dance Center

    7 Videos / 8 Members

  2. Asian Music Videos

    by watching machines

    55 Videos / 41 Members

    Please only cool ones, that forming NEW Generations of Music Lovers Video Narrators Coulture Eaters Jo^^)

  3. Ballet

    by Clavol1

    75 Videos / 6 Members


  4. Ballet basic

    by sue

    5 Videos / 2 Members

  5. Ballet lovers

    by Patrick Brawley

    43 Videos / 24 Members

    People who wish to belong to this group are serious ballet lovers and appreciate the hard work these artists endure to bring the beauty to the audiences around the world.

  6. Ballet News and Review

    by W Young

    73 Videos / 30 Members

    Ballet videos about: new ballet choreography, new ballet music and new ballet composers, up and coming ballet dancers. Also: recent research on great classic ballets and dancers, the golden eras…

  7. Contemporary dance

    by Images de danse

    6,784 Videos / 2,675 Members

    Contemporary dance, modern dance, performance, Tanztheater, butoh are welcome. NO CLASSICAL BALLET, NO HIP HOP, NO TRADITIONAL DANCES PLEASE. Irrelevant videos will be deleted

  8. DANCE

    by GLOW

    141 Videos / 31 Members

    Dancing, express yourself with your body, hip hop, electrodance, contempo, dubstep, jazz, ballet, pop, jazz funk

  9. danceDANCEdance

    by Aharon Rothschild

    1,508 Videos / 528 Members

    This is the place to post videos of dance and dance performance. You can post anything and everything dance related, your performances, your promos, or anything you find inspiring.

  10. Dazed & Exposed

    by Dazed

    135 Videos / 161 Members

    Welcome to our new Group! This is our bigger and better shout box! Share your films with us here! Official Dazed Channel https://vimeo.com/channels/dazed

  11. Indie Music

    by Daniel Lewis

    64 Videos / 31 Members

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