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Fort Worth, TX

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I am an aerial and aviation cameraman with 35 plus years of experience. I became a cameraman because of the U.S. Air Force. I joined in 1969 so I would not have to be on the ground in Vietnam getting shot at or shooting at others. The Air Force told me I was to be a motion picture cameraman, and have been once ever since. Funny thing, they made me an Aerial Combat Cameraman. The center word there being the key. I was fortunate not to get orders to Vietnam and served my tour in other locations in Panama CZ and different states. After the Air Force I spent 4 plus years as a news cameraman. I was then hired by General Dynamic, later to become Lockheed Martin as an aerial and aviation cameraman. I spent 16 years there on staff and then left to become a freelancer. I continue to do freelance work for them and many others. My prinicple interest in cinematography is in aerials. I have a vast amount of experience shooting from many different aerial platforms ranging from helicopters to high performance jet fighters. Most of my current flying is in helicopters where I utilize the stabilized camera systems of the Eclipse, Wescam and the Cineflex. I am also very qualified with the Tyler Mount systems. As much as I enjoy the gyro ball systems, there is something special about the Tyler Mount. Your legs are hanging out of the helicopter, your hands are on the camera system moving it, not a joystick and most of all, your eye is up to the eyepiece. I really enjoy shooting aerials and aviation subjects and at this point think I will make a career out of it. Thanks for reading.

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