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Student, photojournalist, AFRIKAN

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  1. I'm sharing this on all of my social media pages because I believe that Raquel Miller is a brilliant person and an extraordinary boxer. I will be documenting and photographing her continued progress as much as I can! GO RAQUEL!
  2. I'm sorry that I missed the pre-screening in Oakland. Vimeo always sucks technologically. Trailers keep starting and stopping. It is hard to watch something that is powerful like this.
  3. There are too many starts and stops in this video. Otherwise its good. It needs to be cleaned up a bit so that the valuable information comes through clearly.
  4. GOOOOOOOOO RAQUEL!!!! And Jameel, u didn't tell me u knew Raquel!!!! I want to be there in Oxnard - October 1 to 5th!
  5. Much love and continued respect, Warrior-Ancester G-MO