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The Post Family began with seven guys living in Chicago who liked to make art. Chad, Davey, David, Alex, Scott, Rod & Sam were all looking for a place where they could get away from their 9-5's and be creative by themselves, for themselves. Lucky for them (and us) they found each other and then found their first studio space.

From there, the Family opened up the creative process further by sharing what inspired them and the work that came out of it through their design-oriented blog. The process of sharing expanded even more with the opening of The Family Room Gallery as the Family realized that as much as they loved making art, and talking about art, they also wanted to share it with others. The Gallery hosts semi-monthly exhibitions ranging from formal viewings of painting, collage, photography and prints in a traditional gallery setting to interactive art events including art making parties and potlucks. All of these are frequently accompanied by live music.

Over the past two years, The Family has developed valuable friendships with Chicago’s many other galleries, collectives, and artists, and strives to be a connecting link not only within the Chicago arts scene but between the rest of the world and Chicago. The Post Family does all of this, while always adhering to their primary mission: "Everything is for the growth of our family members and community by supplying them with the resources and inspiration to accomplish their individual goals."

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