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Born in the small seaside town of Whitley Bay in the North East of England Harry Jenkinson has just graduated from Northumbria Universities Media Production course with a First Class degree.

His directorial debut 'Rose' was featured in the 2012 Cannes film festival and was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award. The film is a powerful look at the deep relationships between mother and child and bares reference to the post-apocalyptic genre. Harry has also been involved in many music videos working as a Director, Camera Operator and Editor. His latest project was a documentary called 'Above Me' that took an existential look at man and nature, utilising cinematography and the language of cinema.

With experience on a variety of projects from performance-based music videos to observational documentary (BBC) Harry has developed an impressive portfolio for 21 year old. But with a strong interest in directing actors and creating original short films Harry aims to take his current project 'James Will Howel' all the way to a feature film.

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