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William Davenport has worked on many award winning productions and has shown his work at film festivals around the world. William owned a successful commercial production company for many years, before becoming a teacher and autism activist. He worked with a wide range of clients including Sega, Levis, Apple, and a number of other Fortune 500 companies. William has developed courses and taught filmmaking and technology at San Francisco State University, U.C. Berkeley, the San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking, Art Academy and the Art Institute of San Francisco. William taught filmmaking,journalism and broadcast television courses at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale for four years. He oversaw the operations of a cable broadcast station located at a high school. During his tenure at the high school he became interested in special education, and worked with many students who had special needs. After leaving the high school William received a masters degree and teaching credential in special education. William became the executive director of the Autism Social Connection, where he created a unique filmmaking program for teaching social skills to children, teens and adults on the autism spectrum. He was a member of the Marin Autism Task Force, and holds advanced degrees in education and filmmaking. Recently he has completed two feature documentaries: “Too Sane for This World” (2011) and “citizen autistic” (2013).


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