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About -
Still Image Productions is currently used to promote places around the UK, i visit with my family taking photo's and video's of different events.

To try and push forward to improving Still Image Productions into something more successful.

Company Overview -
Welcome to Still Image Productions, an up and coming wedding and events Videographers and Photographers in Northamptonshire. Currently im using Still Image Productions as a hobby and getting out there and taking great images and great video. My portfolio is on Vimeo which can be accessed here Take a look and i would like your comments on the work.

There's no better way to remember your special day then a special created still image slideshow. Which when put to the music of your choice, can give it that extra special touch. Using my wedding as inspiration, i share my creations with those who believe in that special touch that is Still Image. I would like to do this as a future project, even maybe taking up the video side of things.

General information -
We would like to have the opportunity to attend our first wedding event, which would help us get our foot in the door on the photography side. We would offer our services for free. Just to capture a couples special day and get those photos out there via social media , ie Facebook and our cinematic production on vimeo. Anyone interested in giving us a chance contact us on the number below.

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