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  1. After Effects Tutorials

    by 5 Castles joined

    425 Videos / 592 Members

    Tutorials - ALL ABOUT After Effects Learn everything you need for After Effects: Basics, Motion Graphics, Tracking, tips & tricks, character animation, compositing, effects & presets,…

  2. Television Idents & Design

    by Engine joined

    6,155 Videos / 2,331 Members

    A definitive collection of TV idents & design from around the world.

  3. Particle Flow Toolboxes (by Orbaz)

    by Anselm von Seherr-Thoss joined

    724 Videos / 835 Members

    Particle Flow Tools is a set of operators and other software tools created by the original author of Particle Flow for extending its capabilities. Official forum here: http://www.orbaz.com/forum Official…

  4. Official RayFire UserGroup

    by Anselm von Seherr-Thoss joined

    273 Videos / 403 Members

    This is the official RayFire UserGroup supporting Mir Vadim's destruction toolset for Autodesk 3dsmax. RayFire Tool gives you the ability to fragment, destroy, demolish, wreck, break down, wreak…

  5. 99frames 2012

    by David Drayton joined

    52 Videos / 415 Members

    The 99frames 2012 project is designed to encourage people to get creative with CINEMA 4D. I really do invite everybody to this second 99frames project, no matter which skill level you have. It simply…

  6. Broadcast TV Idents

    by Carolina Tironi Fontaine joined

    2,573 Videos / 842 Members

    A place for TV Shorts, precise, to the bone.

  7. Television Station (audio) Branding Package

    by Ala Kondre joined

    154 Videos / 55 Members

    Television Station (audio) Branding Package music for TV stations ...channel identities audio branding package


    by CA Square joined

    224 Videos / 153 Members

    Brand Therapy hosted by myself, Mr. Brand, is a place to share examples of how brands successfully connect with people. Let’s face it, brands like nike and apple are the new role models. They…


    by Mahmoud Ahmed joined

    549 Videos / 1,276 Members

    A Group which gathers creatives from the whole world who had the experience of doing a TV channel brand.

  10. Vector Styles

    by Casey Latiolais joined

    230 Videos / 371 Members

    Involves good design, vector based styling, good sound design, and some silky smooth animations.

  11. Arab World Creatives

    by Yad Deen joined

    1,002 Videos / 421 Members

    An opportunity for those in the Arab world to showcase their creative videos, animations and films. Remember: there is no limit to quality, creativity, nor quantity! You can also see the 'Arab…


    by so say joined

    718 Videos / 254 Members

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