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Edén Bernal

BA in Communication from the Universidad Iberoamericana. He studied photography and film at various institutions. In the last six years he has developed as director, cinematographer and editor in more than forty projects, that includes fiction and documentary short films, TV shows, videoclips and commercials.

In 2008 his graduation film, Olga, the camera and the man, was selected by the festivals Expresión en Corto and Short Shorts.

The next year Eden was part of the team that developed and implemented the Artistic Fitness Program for People with HIV, a project subsidized by the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation, within which, gave a comprehensive workshop that produced six short films.
In the same 2009 he was awarded a scholarship by the Second Bicultural Encounter by Emergent Filmakers for the production of Absence’s Portrait, his first short documentary film, which he directed, produced, photographed and edited. This project was selected by festivals DOCSDF in 2010 and Santiago Alvarez in Memoriam (Cuba) in 2011; and included by the ImagesPassages show, as part of the Images Hispano Americanies Festival (France).

In a parallel way he has worked as a journalist, published articles in major mexican medias, and operate for five years as a producer, writer, programmer and broadcaster on numerous shows at Ibero 90.9 Radio.
In 2012 he creates Cineclub Callejero, dedicated to project films in public spaces, and is making his first web documentary, Adela in Exil.


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