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BEAT4BATTLE is a french “skratch-activist ” forum. Created in December 2005, beat 4 battle deals with many things in relation with the two main subjects: turntablism and beatmaking. Every month a scratch battle is organized with the forum's members. DJ'S have two weeks to return their free scratch and two weeks to vote ,just one condition: being a member of BEAT4BATTLE. Regularly, a beatmaker battle is also organized on the same rules of skratch battle. During the year we organize small scratch meeting called SKRATCH DAY (see videos), it's open to all forum's members wishing to take part in it. In February 2007 in Paris (see videos),we organized our fisrst scratch battle and if things happens good, the third should be better, see you in 2010 for the third edition of B4B CUP!! …
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