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The creation of AMP Film Productions really is just a core idea amongst friends who have a desire to make films. That idea is simple: To create an episodic movie that is completely dependant on our viewers to evolve through their votes and suggestions.

Each film we create will have a series of chapters and at the end of each chapter there will be options presented on what direction the movie should go. Through online voting, you the viewer, will literally decide the fate of the main character(s) involved making the movie YOUR experience.

However, just to add a little spice to this concept, we have taken it a step further. We encourage our viewers to add, along with their votes, their own suggestion of a subplot to add to the film. This sub plot should be serious and reasonable, but will help add another dimension to the evolving storyline. Each chapter, a subplot will be chosen, and we will give full credit to the individual at the end credits. Along with the recognition for the subplot, the individuals will also receive a free copy of the DVD upon the story's completion.

We hope this helps explain our vision but more importantly we hope it excites you to be an active participant to share this vision with us!

Good luck everyone!

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